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Simple, efficient process. Optimal purification.

Dura-Fry delivers the industry’s best oil extension filtration.

Our patented Dura-Fry® formulation simultaneously provides maximum oil filtration and purification. The exclusive active ingredient attracts Total Polar Materials and other microscopic chemical impurities from used oil, while the secondary ingredient works to absorb off-colors and off-tastes that result from the chemical breakdown. 

Patent-pending application process

In addition to Dura-Fry’s patented formula, our patent-pending overnight application drastically reduces fryer downtime during the workday, simplifies the entire oil filtration process for operators, and extends oil life longer than any other method of filtration. And no additional filtering equipment is needed!

4 easy steps to pure

Filter in the morning—and start cooking!

Drop & pump oil to remove crumbs.

Add Dura-Fry powder to oil.

Soak overnight.

Quantifying oil quality

Observation, paper tests, color gauges. The methods to determine oil quality have varied through the years, but these pseudoscientific approaches cannot provide consistent, accurate, or quantitative information for restaurants to optimize the taste of fried foods.

As soon as oil is heated and comes into contact with food, it starts to deteriorate at a chemical level, elevating the level of Total Polar Materials (TPM). No amount of filtering alone can counteract this chemical alteration that, ultimately, makes the oil unsafe and unsuitable for use. And those traditional testing methods? They can’t identify when TMP levels become dangerous. 

Partnering for purity

Measuring TPM levels in oil is the only way to get a truly accurate, quantitative, scientific measurement of oil quality. DuraFry Solutions is a preferred partner of Testo®, the leading provider of oil quality testing devices, with the Testo 270 being the exclusive instrument used by DuraFry in restaurant trials of our patented product and patent-pending process. TPM testing can prevent adverse nutritional effects and potential health hazards, while also extended the life of your oil—all making a positive impact on your bottom line.

DuraFry Solutions isn’t just an impressive product and industry-best process, we offer a consultative approach to oil management. We’ll work with your organization to assess your oil management processes and provide recommendations to improve your operations, food quality, and your profits.

Download the Oil Purification Procedure sheet here:

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