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Quality, Efficiency & Savings. Our recipe for success.

Our foundation makes your business stronger.

At the core of DuraFry Solutions, the company that brings you the patented Dura-Fry® product and its patent-pending application process, is our QES System. Every development path, business decision, and customer interaction hinge upon the quality, efficiency, and savings impact to you.

Your ultimate model is that every restaurant in your group produces the highest quality fried foods—every time, at every location. And when a breakfast, lunch, or dinner rush goes by with no fryer downtime, well, that’s a great day. So, what if these idyllic scenarios could be a reality, all while saving up to tens of thousands of dollars each year in frying costs at each restaurant you operate?

When you join the DuraFry Solutions family of clients, your restaurants will reap the benefits of our QES System, resulting in enhanced food quality and consistency, more efficient kitchen ops, and a fatter bottom line. Thousands of restaurants around the globe rely on DuraFry Solutions for their oil management solutions—build your success on our solid foundation.

Consider us your oil management consultant.

DuraFry Solutions takes a consultative approach with every customer—we are much more than just a SKU. We work with you to tailor an oil management program to meet the specific must-haves of your company. For instance, our experts can assess your filtration system and products, recommending trusted partners and vendors. Plus, we’ll evaluate your oil management practices to ensure your SOPs are based in scientific reality and not just because “that’s how it’s always been done” (think oil migration from fryer to fryer).

Optimize your yum factor.

A chemist and restaurateur walked into a bar…
(Well, not really. But it did begin with this intersection of expertise.)

Founded in 2017 by Bill Trent (the chemist) and Michael Aoun (the restauranteur), DuraFry Solutions started developing our Dura-Fry product to solve a very real problem in the restaurant business: the misuse of frying oil management that leads to negative health and fiscal impacts. The distinctive combination of our science-plus-restaurant-business approach truly distinguishes our offerings and makes us the undisputed industry leader.

Our Leadership

Michael Aoun & Bill Trent


Following in his father’s professional footsteps, Bill has been in the chemical industry for over 40 years—and just as he worked with his dad, his own kids grew up working with him in the business. While formulating and selling chemicals to various industries across the world, Bill always had a knack for coming up with innovative product ideas when he saw an opportunity. Years ago, a friend whose family owned a small restaurant came to Bill with a question: Could he create something that would make the oil in their deep fryer last longer? After meticulous research and many iterations, Bill finally created a formula that no one had ever tried before, and his friend’s restaurant was able to save money on their frying cost, while improving the taste of the food. He didn’t know at the time how important this invention was going to be until he met Michael.


Michael has been involved in the food service and restaurant industry for over 30 years. A proud immigrant to this country, he worked for many years in the events business—selling fried foods to thousands of people at fairs, rallies, and festivals. He was also a successful franchisee, operating multiple fast-food operations for over a decade. Michael had one obsession while operating his businesses: serving the highest quality food possible. Through his experience in both festivals and fast food, Michael noticed a glaring issue in the industry: there was no innovation being made to improve the efficiency and quality of the frying process. Operators had no effective method to maintain high-quality oil, and they were afraid to implement sweeping reform due to the pitfalls of change. He saw that someone could have the greatest idea in the world, but if it wasn’t simple and easy to use, no one would adopt it.  

Together, Michael and Bill have combined their decades of experience in their respective industries to create a complete solution to the plaguing issues of frying food. With their now shared knowledge of how restaurants operate—in the boardroom and the back kitchen—paired with how to purify oil in the most efficient manner, the company they now run together is truly the one-stop shop for solving any problem in the world of fried food.

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